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Our Hours

Monday - Friday: 8 am to 5 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Voice messaging service is available for calls made after hours.

Holiday Pickup Schedule

Residential and commercial garbage, yard waste, and recycling will not be picked up on the following holidays. Pickup will be one day late on these holidays.
- Thanksgiving
- Christmas Day

If either of these holidays fall on a weekday, residential pick-up will be backed up one day. Example: If Christmas is on a Wednesday, Wednesday customers will be picked up on Thursday and Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday, and Friday customers picked up on Saturday.

On all other holidays garbage will be picked up that day, no delays.

New Pay Online Service!

If you want to pay your bill online you will need your NEW Customer ID # and an invoice number. Most customers will have to call our office to get their NEW Customer ID #. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience.

Click the button below to pay your bill online.


Roll-Off Dumpster Services

Roll-Off dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes for cleanup or large projects. Here is some important information about using roll-off dumpsters.

Roll-Off Container Sizes

We offer our customers three different roll-off container sizes; 10, 20, and 30 cubic yard containers. Please contact us for additional information.


10 Cubic Yard Container
(Holds 30 square yards of single layer roofing)

20 Cubic Yard Container
(Holds 60 square yards of single layer roofing)

30 Cubic Yard Container
(Holds 90 square yards of single layer roofing)


10 ft - 16 ft

20 ft

20 ft


90 inches

90 inches

90 inches


3 ft - 4 ft

4 ft

5 ft

Note: The above dimensions are "footprint" dimensions of the outside of the container. Actual dimensions vary by container manufacturer.

Below is a list of acceptable and non-acceptable waste materials that can be placed in our roll-off dumpsters.

Acceptable Demolition Waste Materials

We will accept the following demolition waste materials.

Building Materials


Plastic Lumber Wrap**


Duct Work


Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets



Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures








Wood - NOT Green Treated


Paint Cans - Empty & Dry

Wood Pallets



*Only 10-12 yards are allowed per box.
**Less than 10% of load

Acceptable Mixed Solid Waste Materials

We will accept all items listed in the Demolition Waste Materials List above plus the following mixed solid waste materials.

Household Trash

Mattresses & Box Springs


Plastic Bags & Wrappings

Carpet & Carpet Padding

Plastic Containers

Green Treated Lumber



Non-Acceptable Mixed Solid Waste Materials

We will not accept the following mixed solid waste materials. We can dispose of some of these items, but they require special handling. Please contact us for special handling instructions.

Asbestos Waste

Liquid Paint


Motor Oil & Filters



Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Tires (with or without rims)

Please Note: These items are subject to change by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).